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That look in your eyes, eyes filled with light, they are like passion wrapped in fire… 

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He’s almost forgotten Loki had tried to speak by the time Loki draws a stubborn breath and whispers, “I wonder if you would enjoy this half so much if you didn’t have to hold me down.” (x)

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"—a word?"

"Any word you would like," Thor says.

thor and loki from the stunning, breathtaking, incredible fic magic, lost and found by circia1220bce. high res.

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fic by hiddlespudding who is driving me to drink draw with one hand stifle sobs with the other.

“You should not have come here.”

His blood is spilling hot, melting the snow underneath him as he clutches at the wound. It’s not too deep - a slice just below the heart with a sharp knife. Thor knows that Loki missed on purpose. 

“Why did you come here,” Loki says.

The cold air makes the gash sting even worse, or maybe Loki put a spell on his blade. Maybe both.

“I’ve come to bring you home,” Thor says. He watches the ground, the bright red of his blood as it seeps across the snow. 

Loki laughs.

“Brother,” he says. “I am home. Don’t you know?”

In the wastelands of Jotunheim, near the base of one of the ice mountains, Thor found him. Loki was thin, feral, hair longer and knotted together in a neat ponytail that fell over his shoulder. His Jotun skin helped him blend into the caves of the mountain, but his red eyes gave him away.

“Brother!” Thor yelled, a terrible echo in the wind. 

And they fought, not with weapons but with their fists, rolling in the snow like teenagers sparring over something petty, snarling and pulling and punching. It ended when Thor got too close, and Loki pulled his blade.

“This is not your home,” Thor says. “You belong-“

Don’t,” Loki says. “Do not say it. Do not name that place in my presence.”

“With me,” Thor finishes. He looks up at Loki now, eyes pleading. He has nothing to give but this. Nothing to offer but himself.

Loki’s blade comes to rest under Thor’s chin. It’s so cold that it burns, scraping against his stubble. Loki’s eyes have gone hard, his lips pulled tight. They watch each other for a moment, testing each other, and then Loki laughs again.

“With you? You wish us to be brothers once more? Thor, your ideas have always been noble, and yet always so stupid.” Loki pulls his blade away and uses it to motion to the vast whiteness around them. “Look around you, brother, this is my kingdom, now.”

Thor hates the way Loki says brother now, with such disdain, such pain. He hates the hurt that he can hear so clearly in Loki’s voice.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Yes it does,” Loki says. And he says it again, a whisper, almost as if he were saying it to himself: “It does.”

He looks away from Thor, out into the wastes, the vast nothingness of Jotunheim that surrounds then. There’s something about his eyes, then, the way he watches the white as if that’s all there is - Thor stops thinking. He moves forward and up, a sudden surge of strength, and tackles Loki into the snow.

They tumble together, a mess of limbs. Thor ignores the way his wound stretches open further, more blood spilling between them and onto Loki’s clothing. He doesn’t care. 

“You fool,” Loki hisses. “You’ll bleed out.”

“Then so be it.”

Loki gets a hand free and forces his palm against Thor’s nose, trying to push him off, but Thor keeps his grip tight and holds onto Loki, blood seeping between the folds of Loki’s clothing and onto his flesh. He holds Loki until the blue of his skin is stained red and he feels his vision darkening. He slumps against Loki, weak from blood loss. 

They stay like that a long time, two bloody lumps in the snow, and then Loki reaches between them and places a hand over Thor’s wound. His hand is warm, and something pricks against Thor and he realizes that Loki is healing him. When Loki finishes, he doesn’t move, just stays limp beneath Thor and closes his eyes against the winds.

“You should not have come here,” he says.

Thor closes his eyes.

“I know.”

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Okay. Let’s pretend I didn’t just draw this. 

#this might actually be my favourite?

I think everything of Jen’s is my favorite ;_;

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I’ve recently read this beautiful fic about slave!Thor and Prince jotun!Loki and it gave me this absurd idea.

The tattoo on Thor’s shoulder with the reversed rune of Fehu represents slavery (or so Google says :| sorry if it’s not correct but sadly,I know nothing about runes).  

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[♔] shadow and light, we are. twilight blooms in our wake.

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Sooo I finished 8D

I’m doing a series of Loki’s children (from mythology) and this is the first: Jormungandr, the world serpent.

My headcanon is that he’s quite deranged, like all of Loki’s er…exotic children; he’s been tossed into the sea   and left to suffer alone while he coils around the world. I imagine that Loki would have magicked! all his “animal” children into human forms so that they may speak with other people. Because Jormungandr is a dangerous creature, like his brother Fenrir, I don’t picture him being particularly nice; he’s a snake, after all, and so I imagine his personality is quite…slithery xD He’s surrounded by cold and isolation - his skin is scarred and peeling and his eyes still have their serpent-quality. He’s as much creepy inside as he is on the outside - but there’s something clever and manipulative about him, being a snake, and I imagine he takes after Loki more than his other siblings.

…yes, dat. dat is my summary.

He looks like daddy way too much. ‘cept his colors are all desaturated and lizard-like.

I’ll just leave this here and y’know, flee 8D

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Thor/Loki higschool AU! With a blowjob under the bleachers! And ball-sucking, like I said a few days ago.

Done for the lovely, amazing Mika. <3

NSFW, obviously.


It takes a sly smile, tugging on the hem of Thor’s red shirt, and the reassurance that ‘no, we’re not doing anything illegal’ to get the guy under the bleachers. To make him stay there, Loki drops to his knees, grinning up at Thor. ‘Okay, well, semi-public sex is sort of illegal.’

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